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Franklin’s Teleme is one of the classic Bay Area cheeses. Anyone who grew up near an Italian Deli starts drooling when they think about Teleme on their polenta. Mild, milky, tart, and incredibly satisfying… I use it at home for almost everything.
Gordon Edgar Cheese Buyer, Rainbow Grocery Cooperative
Franklin making his Teleme Cheese

Third generation cheese maker, Franklin Peluso has made Teleme since 1980. His father taught him and his grandfather taught his father. Peluso uses his hands to squeeze and press mounds of curds and whey to get the ideal texture and moisture content as he produces a batch of his cheese.

making Teleme


“Rich, luscious, smooth, tangy and creamy….. you can’t ask more in a cheese. Always a favorite on a cheese board, even better on baguette with thin slices of salami and toasted to get that extra special melted sensation. Sam Mogannam Bi-Rite Market

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